120ML Handcrafted Art Glass Essential Oil Diffuser

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120ML Handcrafted Art Glass Essential Oil Diffuser: Elevate Your Ambiance!

Artistic Craftsmanship: Every piece boasts an exquisite handmade glass pattern shell, seamlessly merging elegance with a touch of nature.

Advanced Aromatherapy Experience: Powered by cutting-edge ultrasonic technology, this diffuser produces an ultra-fine mist, ensuring that the essential oil molecules are optimally dispersed and effectively absorbed. By shifting away from conventional methods of heating essential oils, you preserve the oil's original molecular structure, ensuring a safer and more healthful aromatherapy experience.

Intuitive Control: The integrated timer offers you the freedom to customize your diffusion duration, whether you prefer it continuous or intermittent.

Ambient Lighting: Enrich your surroundings with the soft, serene glow from the built-in LED mood lamp.

Holistic Wellness: This diffuser blends the benefits of soothing aromas, moisturizing mist, and calming light to create a relaxing and refreshing environment.

Technical Specifications:

  • Size: (Diameter) 115mm (4.5 inches) x (Height) 220mm (8.7 inches)
  • Voltage: DC24V 0.5A
  • Power: 12W
  • Capacity: 120ml (4 fl oz)
  • Mist Output: Approx. 30ml/h (1 fl oz/h)

Versatile Placement: Ideal for bedrooms, studies, offices, living rooms, yoga studios, Spa lounges, fitness rooms, and more.

🌟 Immerse in a sensory delight and transform your space with the 120ML Handcrafted Art Glass Essential Oil Diffuser. 

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