500ML Essential Oil Diffuser with Crystal LED Night Light Projection: 20-Hour Comfort


Illuminate Your Nights with Our Crystal LED Night Light Projection Essential Oil Diffuser

Stellar Design: Radiating a shimmering silver finish, this compact diffuser seamlessly blends into any setting, channeling the serene beauty of the moon and stars.

Galactic Glow: It's not just an oil diffuser; it's an interstellar experience. Nine luminous LED beads project a celestial ballet of moon and stars, creating a mesmerizing ambiance in your space.

Aromatic Bliss: Elevate your senses with aromatic mists. Benefit from up to 20 hours of diffusion with a generous 500ML tank, equipped with dual atomization modes driven by a sophisticated Nano atomization chip.

User-Friendly & Secure: Intuitively designed controls offer ease of use, and drift into a lunar dream without concerns, thanks to its auto shut-off feature.

All Set to Start: Each package comes with a USB charging cable and a cotton swab, making maintenance a breeze.

Experience the universe while basking in aromatic serenity with our Crystal Night Light Projection Essential Oil Diffuser, a symphony of technology and the galaxies.

🌙 Dive into a celestial journey. Transform your atmosphere today!


  • Material: ABS, Nano atomizing chip, LED beads
  • Dimensions: 135135115mm
  • Color: Moonlight Silver
  • Voltage Input: DC5V
  • Current: Light ~400MA / Spray ~400MA
  • Power: Light 2W / Spray 2W
  • Tank Capacity: 500ML
  • Spray Volume: Approx. 45ML/H

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