Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Nebulizer: Handcrafted Glass & Hevea Wood Essential Oil Diffuser

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A Symphony of Scent and Elegance

Dive into the world of luxury aromatherapy with our Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Fragrance Nebulizer. More than just a scent diffuser, it's a harmonious blend of artistry and function.

Design & Craftsmanship:

Every element of this diffuser is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The cover, made of elegant glass, is a testament to skilled craftsmanship. Nestled upon a base constructed from Hevea wood, it embodies a fusion of nature's charm and modern design, making it a stylish addition to any room, be it at home or in the office.

Operation & Efficiency:

With its air pump misting mechanism, the nebulizer provides an optimal distribution of your chosen essential oil, creating a soothing aromatic environment. The operating cycle, consisting of 1 minute on followed by a 2-minute rest, spans across 2 hours, ensuring a consistent and pleasant fragrance.

Ambient Lighting:

Set the right mood with adjustable lighting options. From a radiant full-bright glow, a calming half-bright ambiance, to the gentle ebb and flow of a breathing light, or even complete darkness, the diffuser's warm yellow illumination can be attuned to your preferences.


  • Product Size: 109x103x163mm (Approx. 4.3x4x6.4 inches)
  • Adapter: 15V 0.5A
  • Cover: Glass
  • Base: Hevea (Rubber wood) - A durable, eco-friendly wood known for its rich grain and versatility. Predominantly sourced from the rubber tree plantations of Southeast Asia.

Benefits of an Ultrasonic Diffuser:

  • Efficient Aroma Dispersion: Ultrasonic vibrations release a fine mist, ensuring even dispersion of essential oils.
  • Silent Operation: Enjoy the therapeutic benefits without the disruption of noise.
  • Maintains Oil Integrity: The cold mist technology preserves the therapeutic properties of essential oils.
  • Moisturization: Acts as a mini humidifier, adding moisture to the air, benefiting skin and respiratory health.

Elevate your sensory experience or gift this piece of luxury to someone special. Discover the perfect balance of nature, aroma, and design with our Pure Essential Oil Diffuser.

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